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After the downfall of Napoleon I and the Congress of Vienna, many officers of the French army moved into the Langhe. They built several fortified buildings in the area on the model of French fortresses. Our winery was built around 1814-1815 and still preserves its original long, narrow structure – an example of fortified architecture.

A visit is worthwhile – the vaults and the thick wet walls of bricks and local stone are a backdrop to the ranks of Slavonian oak casks in which wines are aged and the bottles of Barolo that are fined for a year before being sold.
This building has ideal temperature and humidity conditions to store wine for ageing in wood or fining in glass.

piantina della cantina

    Esposizione - sede Ca d'Jamis   Winemaking hall
    Tasting room   Bottle Warehouse
    Office   Warehouse
    Ageing Hall   Storage

This happy combination of the terroir, the decades of experience and passionate devotion, and not least the utmost care in the vineyards and respect for the characteristics of local varietals, ultimately results in wines with distinctive personality and complexity – in a word Rocche Costamagna wines.

The estate stretches over 14 hectares and yields a total yearly production of 85,000 bottles on average.

Our philosophy is to combine modern technologies with respect for the distinctive character of each local varietal. The grapes from each vineyard are processed separately to reflect both the personality of the varietal and of the terroir.