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At the enoteca we regularly hold tastings and workshops. It is also a showroom of our wines and products.

The enoteca is a showcase for:

- stylish gift boxes, suitable for all occasions, at different price levels
- the books presented at the meetings “Libri da gustare e da bere” organised by the library “Libri da gustare”
- a number of design items

Le temp retrouvé

The old custom of laying down a number of bottles of Barolo on a child’s birth is still popular around here. Bottles are carefully stored and opened on important dates of the child’s life: their coming of age, their wedding, and their own children’s birth.

Rocche Costamagna keeps this tradition alive by customising bottles of Barolo with the date you may wish to celebrate.
This is our suggestion for a unique gift – a long-living wine to keep alive the memory of special occasions in your life.


the whole range of our wines

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