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When, at the beginning of the 11th century, people moved from Alba to the towns on the surrounding hills to get new farming land, La Morra was nothing more than a pen for cattle owned by the Benedictine monks. The ancient name of La Morra – Murræ – means pen.

In 1296 the town was acquired by Sordello da Goito, a knight of King Carlo d’Angiò and a poet named by Dante Alighieri in his magnum opus The Divine Comedy.
In 1340 La Morra was bought by the Falletti, one of the most important families in Piedmont from 13th to 19th century.
In 1402 the town was independent but about three years later was acquired by the Duke of Milan. Finally, in 1631 La Morra was acquired by the Savoy family

La morra medioevale

Located on a hilltop at 513 metres a.s.l., La Morra has preserved its medieval fan shaped plan. From the main square (Piazza Castello), called “Belvedere”, you can enjoy a unique view of the surrounding hills.

The best vineyards in La Morra are located in the eastern part of town: Rocche dell’Annunziata is one of the most prestigious, sheltered from the cold winds blowing from the Maritime Alps to the South and West.

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