Barolo Chinato

A fortified wine that spread in production through Piedmont at the end of the 19th century as an invigorating elixir.
To this day it is made following the original recipe which calls for a base of Barolo that has been aged for three years and infused with cinchona bark and other spices.
It is an excellent digestive, and even better accompanied by a higher percentage dark chocolate. A wine for meditation. 



WINE - A traditional Barolo D.O.C.G. aged three years
HISTORY - Popular in Piedmont at the end of the nineteenth century as a fortifying elixir. The traditional recipe added an infusion of china (a bark extract from Cinchona trees) together with twenty-seven spices and herbs to a basis of Barolo
WINEMAKING - The twenty-eight spices are left steeped in the wine for ninety days. Once the wine is bottled, it rests for further ninety days before being marketed
TASTING NOTES - Deep garnet red with brick red highlights. Complex, persistent bouquet of spices and aromatic herbs, with prevailing flavours of cinchona bark, cinnamon and rhubarb. Generous, mouth filling with a velvety texture. A pleasantly bitter aftertaste
ALCOHOL - 16.5% by vol.
FOOD PAIRINGS - Excellent digestive, even more charming with dark chocolate (70-80% cocoa). A wine for meditation
SERVING TEMPERATURE - 18°/20°C | 61°/65°F SIZE - Bottle 0.50 l 


Codice regione 004105-AFF-00003

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